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Distinguished and Revered Land of Gujarat - EmbodyingVivid Treasures

Gujarat’s association with mankind is old and has matured with time. While the excavated sites like Dholavira and Lothal testify the region’s connection with the Indus Valley Civilization, the cities like Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar and Vadodara represent the state’s industrialized and urbanized facet. Gujarat (also called Gujrat) boasts of a vibrant profile that blends together diverse geography, marvelous architecture, historical and religious treasures and colorful festivals and arts.

Learn how a Gujarat tour package unwraps to showcasesome amazing highlights of this Northwest Indian state.

Nature’sAssorted Wonders – Beaches, Rivers and Wildlife

Arabian Sea kisses the splendid and tranquil beaches of Gujratblessed with longest coastline in India. AhmedpurMandvi, Chorward, Nagoa and Kutch are the most popular beaches here.Saputara hill station with its cool climate and picturesque beauty invites flocks of tourists. To prove its assortment, the state accommodates shallow wetlands and marshy salt flats at Rann of Kutch. Fed by rivers like Narmada, Gujarat has its own share of fertile land and lush green fields and farms.

Forests of Gir and Dang extend the nature’s blessings over the region. None of the Gujrat tours is complete without visiting Gir Forest National Park, the fascinating home to Asiatic Lions. Velavadar Black Buck Sanctuary and numerous coastal wetlands that are home to exotic migratory birds confirm the state’s natural riches.

Timeless Manmade Marvels – Temples, Museums and Step Wells

Gujrat tourism relies heavily on some of the spectacular monuments and structures and mythological cities that belong to different eras and cultures, Modhera’s Sun Temple which is more than 10 centuries old, Somnath Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva and an important center of Hindu pilgrimage, Dwarakadheesh Temple and the holy city of Dwarka where Lord Krishna established his kingdom, Sabarmati Ashram which is dedicated to the Great Mahatma Gandhi

Calico Museum of Textiles that promotes Gujarat’s long association with textile manufacturing, Many other attractions like Ambaji Temple, Jain Temples, Buddhist Caves and stepped wells Invigorating Arts, Fairs and Festivals

Since many generations, the expert Gujarati artists are practicing many wonderful arts that are worth exploring during Gujarat tours. Bandhani (tie and dye), needlework, patola and zari are some of the arts used to create extremely attractive fabrics that are popular across the globe. Pottery and woodwork are other categories that result in spellbinding artifacts cherished by people from different countries.

A Gujrat tour package offers the opportunities to attend some grand celebrations in the form of fairs and festivals:

International Kite Festival held every year in January RannUtsav at Kutch, also called Desert Festival, in December is a major draw for the international tourists Navratri, Janmashthmi, Modhera Dance Festival and RathYatra are among other popular celebrations